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 投稿者:桜井恵三の汚物音のストリーム  投稿日:2009年 2月23日(月)16時22分58秒


Love u so much:)

 投稿者:MariMari  投稿日:2008年12月 4日(木)08時31分42秒
  I love you so much.
So I finish. Hope our future will be happy:)
Luv-u from the bottom of my heart.
I do really love you.

proper or temp

 投稿者:MariMari  投稿日:2008年 5月 8日(木)16時33分47秒
  Should I change my job right now?
I don't know, and am not so energetic.
What's the most important thing? That's what I should think of.

Is it true that there are always only two selections?
Stay or Go?
Maybe it is true, then I should be careful.

Actually in the past 8 years, I learned a lot of things, met wonderful people, and took holidays easily.
And now I think I wanna keep my style.
Every time things seem to be too tough and struggle even though they are actually simple.
But it may prove that am a human.


 投稿者:MariMari  投稿日:2008年 3月 7日(金)16時54分13秒
  Such a heretic girl went into the gate.
She spent 3 years with fabulous experience.
That 3 years have been helped, supported, and encouraged her a lot.
And it will go on.
But she has to say Thanks and good bye to the gate.
Without tears, but tons of smiles:)

I found:)

 投稿者:MariMari  投稿日:2007年12月28日(金)16時34分30秒
  The year 2007 is going to end, and we will soon say hello to the year 2008.
I am sure that the coming year will be filled with a lot of happiness and smiles:)
Yes, it will.
It was so nice year, 2007. I did a lot of things, actually.
And I found a super special fabulous thing:)


 投稿者:MariMari  投稿日:2007年 5月14日(月)17時18分44秒
  Like drinking beer. Actually not beer, but how can I say, yes, fake beer. I can continue drinking beer all the time until finish drinking. When I was younger, and it was hot summer, I drank too much beer at a night by myself. For me, drinking is not only party thing, but also relaxing by myself with thinking silly daily things in my head or watching TV, reading books etc. I tend to drink a lot on Friday nights and Saturday nights. During the weekday, I have to get up early in the morning and do my job, so am trying to save. 2 cans a night. Sometimes of course I do over-drink, but I think it・s okay, moreover it・s the best way to treat myself
I have some favorite beer in some countries. And I wanna fly to there and drink these great beer as a tripper


 投稿者:MariMari  投稿日:2007年 5月10日(木)15時51分7秒
  Like reading books when I have time. Last night, once I started to read, I couldn・t stop! The book I read was a nice novel, enjoyed it a lot even through I had read it before. Some say to read the same book again isn・t good, but I don・t think so. I can find some new points by reading again. And also I can understand my own feeling by how I can understand the same story. How many times have I read the same book? Some are probably more than 30 times I read. Some are only twice. Of course I can remember what's written but I can enjoy by focusing other things that I didn't think important before. Anyway, I know there・re so many ways of reading, but I just wanna say I like reading books  

Wanna eat

 投稿者:MariMari  投稿日:2007年 5月 9日(水)08時27分11秒
  I like eating yummy foods. So does my mom. Whenever we go out with, we both say :Wanna eat something yummy;. But sometimes we're not sure what is yummy. One of my male friends said before :Female tend to say :I wanna eat something yummy; all the way;, and I think he・s right. Yet I thought then, who wanna eat poor dishes? It occurred from the difference between male and female about to say or not to say. Well, now I become to eat something yummy. Now my yummy food must be Yakiniku, because I've wanted to eat it for a week or so. And the shop is also decided. I sometimes think the yummy means familiar shop with favorite menu.
In short, I wanna eat dishes prepared by cook not by myself. People call me Lazy I know.
But it・s true that yummy foods made me happy.


 投稿者:MariMari  投稿日:2007年 5月 8日(火)11時51分35秒
  Suddenly I wanna go to the States to study English for 2 or 3 weeks. Actually, not sudden, I have hoped since I was a student. I checked my favorite Universities・ English program. Unfortunately there・s no suitable class for me. I was shocked, but I can・t quit my job for my living.
Yes, it also costs pretty expensive compared to go just as a trip. But I wanna learn at class again. The easiest class such as study English with learning culture bla bla bla never attracts me, because I wanna learn more detailed, I mean mixed with business English. Yet, business courses are of course more expensive, and they're also aiming MBA in the future. Not the best for me.
I thought I can fly to the States with my mileage benefit and also take my paid holiday for 2 or 3 weeks. And also tuition is one of the most important factors for me.
Too late to think about it. I had better think it more seriously if I do it. Maybe next year, or think which is better to use the money for this kind of short English program in the States or study something special, useful, and beneficial here in Japan with the same money.
I should stop doing things without any plans. Because am not a girl anymore.
However, it・s a good read for me. I realized that I can read fast what am interested in or wanna know.
Will my desire come true in the future? Am not sure, but am thinking that to study abroad when I get older may be much fun and easier for me.
Still the States is my dreaming place

Holiday comes

 投稿者:MariMari  投稿日:2007年 4月27日(金)16時30分28秒
  Probably I won't update here during the holidays. Am gonna be in 9 days off from tomorrow.

Before such a long holiday, my motivation for working is lower than usual as well as after the holiday. At the meeting area near my desk is filled with peoples: most of them are Oerai-san and discussing serious issue. Am facing to the screen and inputting words without thinking. Huum, I wanna leave ASAP. Wearing white skirt with denim jacket, I wanna skip outside with singing songs.

I know I need to have enough rest now. The sign is, Urticaria appears on my hands and body. Am used to get it since I was little. When am getting tired or my sleeping become less than I need, it comes. Taking med everyday but sometimes I get. Maybe it's time to go to see a super doctor. Every time the Doc is busy, so I  haven't tried to see him. Maybe during the off, if I can.

It's good for me there're 2 business day. I can do things what I only can deal with on business day, one is going to see a Doc. One is going to mairie. If I wanna do them, I have to take day off. Too wasting use of my paid holiday:p

Well, a little bit more. I can jump in the paradise. Yes, time's going